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 XAUUSD  As we now xauusd has trade this month and last week on range 290 pip, the highest price @1794.79, The lowest price @1761.60 support area. This our analysis will be with multiple views So as weekly report normal movement this week Between...  @1795.90 resistance and @1770.70 it's open area has no support only @1778.60. Which is the lowest range of movement for today. Today the range will be between @1788.35 and @1778.20 if broken down 1778.20 target will be  TP1  @1773.00 TP2  @1764.40 TP3  @1755.00 if broken up 1788.20 TP1  @ 1793.60 TP2  @ 1802.20 TP3  @ 1811.40 GOLD MOVEMANT FOR TODAY by TradingForex24 on

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Gold Analysis Trading Range Movement Strategy

 Trading strategy idea  This week GOLD weakly forecast will be trade between  1872 and 1905 This week  If broken up 1905 by 4h close or open candle next target will be  1-  @1922.65 2-  @1951.00 3-  @1980.31 If broken down 1872 by 4h close or open candle next target will be  1-  @1855.96 2-  @1827.56 3-  @1789.33 Trade GOLD Today  Normal range for XAUUSD between  1902 and 1880  The price now on really time is 1886.97 If broken up 1902 by 30m or 1h close or open candle next target will be  1-  @1913.37 strong resistance too 2-  @1932.28 3-  @1951.67 same (2) weekly target  If broken down 1880 by 30m or 1h close or open candle next target will be  1-  @1869.35 2-  @1850.13 3-  @1830.72 More Forex analysis will update Trading 24

Day Trade Range Forecast Analysis

Trading Range Market After the last successful idea updates 9 days ago, on GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURUSD long term. over 200 pip hit the target was 1 hour and 4 hours range take profit. The reports this week will be including dow jones 30 and Gold too Today post new review technical movement range market, GOAL DAY TRADE. As you can see on the Chart Trading View Level  Price  Gold range 1hour will be between 1817.69 and 1800.41 The real-time market price now is 1810.72 If broken up by 1 hour or 30 mint period, candle close or open, the targets of taking profit are: TP1  @ 1826.65 TP2  @ 1841.56 TP3  @ 1857.05 If broken- down by 1 hour or 30 mint period, candle close or open, the targets of taking profit are: TP1  @ 1791.45 TP2  @ 1776.54 TP3  @ 1761.05 Gold Day Trade Range Market by TradingForex24 on DOW JONES INTRADAY MARKET ANALYSIS US30 Stock market movement 1 hour between 31668.19 and 31450.31 If broken up by 1 hour or 30 mint period, candle close or open, the tar

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  simple weekly range trading strategy last week we update the daily range market with multiplies time frame movement currencies pairs. view day trade currency price range level was a live analysis in our tradingview account updated chart, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD. forex technical intraday article outlook in February still growth higher winning rates. many investors traders using our fx ranges trading levels forecast, since last year because it's easy to understanding and used by any platform, with a low-risk percentage. including identify take profit and stop loss, can you find the best position enter point buy or sell. Also help pro and beginner trader to add more strategies or any trend indicators, moving average or Depth markets Volume, Fibonacci, MACD, a Momentum indicator, support and resistance. past days I made updates trading prices for gbpusd, gbpjpy, eurusd, with different period times frame/charts analysis Candlestick, one hour and four hours. so we will study it and

Forex Range Trading 24 hours

Trading Forex Range 24 hours  forex trading range Update the last Technical analysis GBPUSD. The GBPUSD has brooked up 4 hours range and I will report and analyze 1-hour range movement. My Trading Plan: More Traders asking. how we can trading by your strategy?  there is any trading plan? yes, I have it in the past article and now I repeated it again. Trading only on the UK, London session, or new York session. Trading position buys or sells if the price opens or closes Broken up or down the range. Trading with range broken candle by 30 minutes / 1-hour or 4 hours. Stop loss will be on the obesity range level if open buy position stop loss will be on the lower broken range level. First Tp1 close 50% of the profit, and move your SL on break even. Second Tp2 close 25% and Tp3 close all your trading that it's Risk management by your capital 0.5%. Daily Price action The reaction of movement by price action is different Every day. our experience with daily range on markets have five pri

forex market 24 hours trading

24 hours trading forex market   after the successful day trading technical analysis range strategy with over 150 pip.  This week will trading as same range the last week on daily chart range, but 4hours range I will update it today and tomorrow will post 1-hour range strategy. yesterday market opened our major pair GBP USD GBP JPY traded and pushing up the range of 4hours range of the last week was broked it last Friday.  EUR USD  back aging to the normal range daily chart. Time To Trading Forex GBP USD Remembers or before we start can you check our daily range. GBP USD price now real time  1.37558, the movement on 4hour chart forex normal range between 1.37904 and 1.36862  Broken up 1.37904 by 4hours Candle close or open new one, the target of taking profit is. TP1 @ 1.38444  TP2 @ 1.39337 TP3 @ 1.40277 Broken down 1.36862 by 4hours Candle close or open new one, take profit target will be.  TP1 @ 1.36322 TP2 @ 1.35429 TP3 @ 1.34490 beginner information  How Does investing in Forex Ma

The best way to day trade forex 24 hour

BEST DAY TRADE FOREX Today will show you our strategy works in currencies, stock markets. last week on Monday, I posted the currencies range technical analysis GPBUSD, GBPJPY, EURUSD with a multiply time frame.   the previous article was on weekly range trading and daily trading . also, I posted day trade movement 1-hour range chart. the first plan needs to see the bigger tradingview options of movement range to understand. many traders asking and need to knows what kind of a trend these days with fundamental analysis and impact news? after that can start work looking in a smaller range. we provide another great simple live forecast tool.  allows you every day trading deferent position buy or sell on price reaction broken levels. best forex trading makes you learn how to day trading? create a demo account with us by a small balance, starting practice with any platform, and follow our rule of risk management. let's discuss tradingview currency range analysis of GBP USD forecast d

Intraday Trade Today GBPUSD / GBPJPY / EURUSD

  Trading strategy News Yesterday we put our day Trading article weekly and 4hour News For GBP USD, GBP JPY, EUR USD  Daily - 4hour Forecast Euro vs dollar . Weekly - Daily Forecast British bound vs dollar. GBPUSD TRADING  The Market reaction was with a  false breakout strategy  by a 4hour candle. The price back to the lower level of range right now we will analyze the movement on a 1-hour candle close/open. The Situation on GBP USD is perfect for Trading.  Because the price now if broking downrange of 4 hours, we will trading with the trend and Multiple Target Take profit. Trade Today Normal movement for GBPUSD between 1.36906 and 1.36358. Price really time is 1.36630 it on the lower level of 4-hours if Broken up 1.36906 by 1-hour open-close candle next Tp will be. TP1 @ 1.37190 ( Trading inside the range of 4 hours and Day ) TP2 @ 1.37647  ( Trading inside the range of 4 hours and Day ). Tp3 @ 1.38153 ( will be above the broking up of 4 hours range ). If broking down 1.36358 by 1-ho

GBPJPY / EURUSD Forecast Day Trade Forex 24

Review Market  GBP JPY  EUR USD  By trading strategy idea Range Market GBP JPY  1D chart, the price will move with liquidity between 144.649 and 142.251. Above  144.649 as long term by Trade   Day candle close/ open  Our Target will be.  Tp1 @ 145.893 Tp2 @ 148.017 Tp3 @ 150.113 Lower than 142.251 short term our Take profit will be. Tp1 @ 141.007 Tp2 @ 138.883 Tp3 @ 136.787 4hour range levels  4 hours chart range levels between 144.173 and 142.727  Close / Open 4hour candle up 144.173 target will be. Tp1 @ 144.922 Tp2 @ 146.167 Tp3 @ 147.464 Close / open 4hour candle lower 142.727 take profit is. Tp1 @ 141.978 Tp2 @ 140.733 Tp3 @ 139.436