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Day Trader 

EUR USD Trade today normal range by market price Movement between

⬆️ @1.21327 & ⬇️ @1.20853

Broken up @1.21327 high by 30m or 1h close/ open candle or higher open buy position and next target will be 

Tp1   @1.21573

Tp2  @1.21970

Tp3  @1.22407

Broken down @1.20853 low by 30m or 1h close/open candle or lower open sell position next target will be 

Tp1  @1.20607

Tp2 @1.20210

Tp3 @1.19773

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Daily trading  / Eurusd trading

So we still trade inside the new weekly range by our analysis this week.

Intraday Forex 24

Risk management

Trades without risk management my lose money.

Risk warning Trade in CFDs ( contracts for differenceor) or Forex ( foreign exchange ) its high level of risk, may not be suitable for all investors in This Global market.

We Do not respond any loss or profit by our analysis.

do not trade with risk money that you cannot afford to lose.


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