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GBPUSD pair moves to the highest level since May 2018 above 1.35450.

Trade Analysis

yesterday, GBP/USD range analysis was perfect to inter-trade with broken up,
The first inter was with ( 30m ) and ( 1h ) open / close candle after brooking up.

it was GBP USD range price between 

⬆️ @1.33671 &  ⬇️ @1.32831 

the normal currency pair range was 84 pips, which means the movement inside or between 1.33671 & 1.32831, the trend will be flat without liquidity, only can trading scalping inside 84 pips.

Profit Intraday Analysis day Trading

lats view what happens after breaking up the major currency by open, close, onpen time frem 30 mints or 1-hour candle.

Profit Intraday Analysis Trading 24

1- same day in Tokyo session the price touch lower level movement inside 84 pips and bake up, to reach the highest price and broke it up. 

2/3- after Re-test twice gives us perfect intraday in london sassion with zero reversal.

4- hit TP1= 43pips 

5- hit TP2= 123 pips 

6- hit TP3= 191 pips 

International Business

learn terms stocks, CFD risk management is the key
To Secaucus.

Worled Market 

Needs fundamental knowledge,
technical Forecast, sentimental, global news.

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