Weekly forecast analysis Trading

Weekly forecast 

Analysis Trade.

Day trader

This week we will analyze the most popular currencies vs dollars.

Eurusd Weekly analysis.

The overall weaker US dollar is weighing-in on


which is trading closer to the highest level in April 2018.

Forex Trading 24.

Last Friday US ADDED JUST 245,000 Jobs in 

November, that was the lowest monthly 

increase since May this year.

This Weekly trade range will be between. 

⬆️@1.21884  &  ⬇️@1.20524 as normal Weekly 

movement trade.

Gbpusd Weekly analysis.

Trading range this week between 

⬆️ @1.34917  &  ⬇️ @1.33808.

Local time/time zone and best time to trade in London and New York session.

We start trading on market analysis articles news on major Currency pairs

Hong Kong session, London session, New York session it's most active market hours Up a day.

Risk management

Risk warning Trade in CFDs ( contracts for differenceor) or Forex ( foreign exchange ) its high level of risk, may not be suitable for all investors in This Global market.

We Do not respond any loss or profit by our analysis trading.

do not trade with risk money that you cannot afford to lose.


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