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Is intraday trading profitable?

By Review, another Forex live day trade example Trading Analysis, our article daily trade news release    14-Jan-2020.

GBP USD & EUR USD Technical range Market.

Currency Pair Forecast

By following the rules of Trading Forex 24 and the structure of how The market behaves on range price movement with action ways as day trading strategy.

( you can add any technical indicators any time with our trading strategy, To trades long term, short term or swing trading )

We see that GBP USD PRICE has broken up in European season by 30m candle with profit before pullback that's made it after.

But the price was still inside the range far away from our stop loss that was on broking down level.
At that time the price was reacted on pressure down, while york session the liquidity has come up with British Pound to broking up.

GBPUSD reaction Intraday Trade price example 2.
Pullback price action to 50% of normal range levels before Broken up or down.
The price after second broking up, hit Take profit one and nearly second target.

Friday trading was absolutely bast day and easy for traders to TRADE FOREX MARKET GBPUSD as a day trade, pullback price was first lag inside the range.

Tell us the market will flat trend inside a range
But in the york session price Moves To  broking down lower level With High Volume by the second leg after made a pullback to keep the Market under pressure to hit Tp1.

GBPUSD trade Market ANALYSIS  1-14-2021.

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Best Day Trading price Movement

trade forex 24 Perfect intraday range fx traders market

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Perfect Fx GBPUSD trade daily range market traders

how Trade Intraday Technical Analysis?

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EUR USD day Trade was a different reaction 
Of Price movement that confusion Forex trader to start day trade.

what direction the currency pair will take? 

did start day trading buy or sell?

when I can start trading accounts real time?

1. By Day Trading Strategy Range market Plan will know information by following levels broking up or down.

2. That reaction is a normal movement because the price back to the normal range to make price pullback.

3. Following Intraday Trading rules with risk management Will be always with the trend where ever market price goes.

So EUR USD reaction by price range after broking down, hit the First target from that price back up and stay inside the range.

On Friday day Trading EUR USD tested the highest level and bake again to broking down level and inter was easier for traders to trade.

The price hit First and second take profit.
It was best day trading.

EURUSD trading 24

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eur usd day trade forex 24

Local time/time zone and best time to trade in London and New York session.

We start trading on market Fx range articles news on major Currency pairs

Hong Kong session, London session, New York session it's most active market hours Up a day.

Risk warning Trade in CFDs ( contracts for differenceor) or Forex ( foreign exchange ) its high level of risk, may not be suitable for all investors in This Global market.

We Do not respond any loss or profit by our analysis.

do not trade with risk money that you cannot afford to lose.


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