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Day Trade Today was Great Price Movements on British bound as a basket got my attention 24 hours today.

Since yesterday's daily candle closes up take profit 1, I know the trend will continue Trading up to the target levels.

On my last day Trading article analytical we got 95 pip profit.



Successful GBP USD Day TRADING.


British bound VS dollar made price action inside the range 50% of day trading and back to broking up HIT Tp1,2,3 with 95 pip.

This strategy gives many options trading to traders as short term/long term,
short selling trading day, long term, or swing trading.

Trader forex important information.

Free forex day trading in real time by global world business news financial serves for traders currency pairs and stocks articles Trading free forex day trade markets.


Every day The market has a different reaction of movement by price action.

with our trading experience daily range, you will learn and find options as a day trader with any trading platform tools you need just buy and sell.

Day Trading has 5 primary ways of reaction as Intraday day trading.

Three ways as general rules day trading range movement.
The Other 2 ways will explain after.

1- day trading Flat Trend Inside Range levels.
That means the price stays inside the range levels with normal movement without liquidity.

Notes 📝
Price action has done on a smaller Time Frame, This reaction to the trend gives us more time and saving our money Many times.

It means the next day trading the flat trend reaction has a lower opportunity to happen again and the range will be smaller with a bigger take profit trades next day.

2- Pullback price action of 50% range levels before Broken up or down the range.

The intraday trading strategies idea buy/sell will be with 30 minutes or 1 hour close/open candle up/down the leaves.

3- day trading ( buying and selling ) position price broking levels without hit Take profit or hit First Tp.

that intraday trading strategy idea will be with price action pullback moves inside the range or touch broking Trading levels.

More information on best day trader time to traders, Our local time/time zone.

best time to trade in New York and London.

we start day trading analysis articles news on major currency pairs.

The most active hours a day trades Hong Kong, London session, New York session.

Day Trade Without risk management may lose Money.

Risk warning Trades-in CFDs ( contracts for difference) or Forex it's a high level of risk.

may not be suitable for all investors in This Global economy. 

We Do not respond to any loss or profit by our analysis.

More info about day trade in Wikipedia

Last a update 24/1/2021 

one more practice view chart .
About risks and terms of rule this terms 
Need to check it, one or Two specialists for beginners Traders.

Beginner trader since starting trade range trading will forget risks to manage her/his percent of risks on capital amount.

By lot size and stop loss with low limit.
This strategy help you to watch, read charts.

help you be able to access with right decision even psychology to buy or sell the market with trend.

It works by small balance or Big, edit more options of limit order / sell limit, buy limit
Buy stop, sell stop.

Compare it or add other strategies on multiply charts.

View our range Day Trade plan for 4 days 
Trade scalping, Swing trade too.

Range trading plan

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