Forex Range Trading 24 hours

Trading Forex Range 24 hours 

forex trading range Update the last Technical analysis GBPUSD.

The GBPUSD has brooked up 4 hours range and I will report and analyze 1-hour range movement.

My Trading Plan:

More Traders asking.

how we can trading by your strategy? 

there is any trading plan?

yes, I have it in the past article and now I repeated it again.

Trading only on the UK, London session, or new York session.

Trading position buys or sells if the price opens or closes Broken up or down the range.

Trading with range broken candle by 30 minutes / 1-hour or 4 hours.

Stop loss will be on the obesity range level if open buy position stop loss will be on the lower broken range level.

First Tp1 close 50% of the profit, and move your SL on break even.

Second Tp2 close 25% and Tp3 close all your trading that it's Risk management by your capital 0.5%.

Daily Price action

The reaction of movement by price action is different Every day.

our experience with daily range on markets have five primary ways of reaction as Intraday price action range trading.

Three ways as general rules daily Range trading movement price.

The Other 2 ways will explain after.

1- Flat Trend Inside Range levels.

That means price stays inside the levels trading with normal movement without volume liquidity/ volatility.

Notes 📝

Price action if has done on a smaller Time Frame.

This reaction of movement by trend gives us more time to study the market and saving our money.

It means the next day the flat trend reaction has a lower opportunity to happen again and the range could be smaller with a bigger take profit.

Forex trading Example Forex Range Trading GBP USD

2- Pullback price action of 50% between levels before Broken up or down.

The intraday trading Market strategy idea could be in 30 minutes / 1-hour close 4 hours / daily chart candle on/up/down the range levels.

Example Gold range trading Analysis 

3- the markets since start new daily candle pushing buying or selling broking levels without hit Take profit one or hit First Tp.

Don't trading only on sessions that we mentioned before and keep waiting for Pullback price action.

The intraday trading strategy idea with pullback action moves inside the range or touch broking levels.

Day Trading hours

Rang trading on GBPUSD, 1h will be between 1.38368 and 1.37898

Real-time market price now is 1.38163.

If broken up by 1 hour period, candle close or open @ 1.38368 the targets of taking profit are:

TP1  @ 1.38612

TP2  @ 1.39009

TP3  @ 1.39439

If broken- down by 1 hour period, candle close or open @ 1.37898 the targets of taking profit are:

TP1  @ 1.37654

TP2  @ 1.37257

TP3  @ 1.36827

Forex Range Trading

EUR USD Day Trading

The volume currency pair traded buy on 4 hours range.

Monday range 4hour was 1.20987 and 1,19991, if the price doesn't break the lower level of 1h range today.

normal moving will be between 1.21410 and 1.20984 low level, major pair currently now around 1.21132.

If broken up by 1-hour candlestick close or opening a new one @ 1.21410 the targets of taking profit are.

TP1  @ 1.21631

TP2  @ 1.21993

TP3  @ 1.22380

If broken- down by a 1-hour candle @ 1.20984 the targets of taking profit are.

TP1  @ 1.20763

TP2  @ 1.20403

TP3  @ 1.20013

Warning Risk Trading in CFDs ( contracts for difference) or ( foreign exchange ).

its high-risk level, the Global market may not be suitable for all investors.

Any loss or profit by our Trading analysis We Don't respond.

don't risk money that you cannot afford to lose. 

ONLY trade BY money that you can afford to lose.

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