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Yesterday we put our day Trading article weekly and 4hour News For GBP USD, GBP JPY, EUR USD 

Daily - 4hour Forecast Euro vs dollar.

Weekly - Daily Forecast British bound vs dollar.


The Market reaction was with a false breakout strategy by a 4hour candle.

The price back to the lower level of range right now we will analyze the movement on a 1-hour candle close/open.

The Situation on GBP USD is perfect for Trading. 

Because the price now if broking downrange of 4 hours, we will trading with the trend and Multiple Target Take profit.

Trade Today Normal movement for GBPUSD between 1.36906 and 1.36358.

Price really time is 1.36630 it on the lower level of 4-hours if Broken up 1.36906 by 1-hour open-close candle next Tp will be.

TP1 @ 1.37190 ( Trading inside the range of 4 hours and Day )

TP2 @ 1.37647  ( Trading inside the range of 4 hours and Day ).

Tp3 @ 1.38153 ( will be above the broking up of 4 hours range ).

If broking down 1.36358 by 1-hour open-close candle Tp will be.

Tp1 @ 1.36074 ( it's almost the lower of Daily range levels.

Tp2 @ 1.35617 ( great preacher short-term Trend and near form Tp2 of 4-hours range ).

Tp3 @ 1.35111 ( this will be hitting Tp1 daily basis analysis of yesterday ).

GBPJPY Trading

Yesterday GPBJPY Still moving inside 4h and daily range analysis.

The price tries to broking up range 4h but the reaction was less than British bound VS dollar was with a false breakout.

Trading Range strategy normal movement between 143.591 and 143.171.

The price now in real-time is 143.395 if broking up 143.591 by 1-hour open-close candle Tp will be.

Tp1 @ 143.809 ( inside the Daily and 4h range ).

Tp2 @ 144.159 (the same price of broking up 4h)

Tp3 @ 144.548 ( near from broking up daily range).

If broking down 143.171 by 1-hour open-close candle Take profit will be.

Tp1 @ 142.953 ( the price still Trading inside 4h range ).

Tp2 @ 142.603 ( will on the broking down level of 4h range ).

Tp3 @ 142.214 ( will be on broking down daily level ).

EURUSD Trading 

Yesterday's Day trading was awesome with breaking down level of 4h range and hit Take profit one.

Today the normal range will be between 1.20821 and 1.20387.

1.20387 is the price of broking down daily range means strong sell / short term.

The price on the market is 1.20626 if broking up by 1-hour open-close candle Tp will be.

Tp1 @ 1.21046 ( if hit this target will be on 4h broking down level and maybe will be bull backtest to continue selling ).

Tp2 @ 1.21408 ( bake inside the range ).

Tp3 @ 1.21695 ( broking up 4h range ).

if broking down 1.20387 by 1-hour open-close candle Tp will be. 

Tp1 @ 1.20162 ( also is tp2 on 4h range ).

Tp2 @ 1.19800 ( also is tp1 of daily range).

Tp3 @ 1.19398 ( near from tp3 range 4h ).

Trading rules terms of Trading Forex 24 range market with risk management terms Will be the key to save your capital and be always in market trend.


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