update weekly trading forex range


simple weekly range trading strategy

last week we update the daily range market with multiplies time frame movement currencies pairs.

view day trade currency price range level was a live analysis in our tradingview account updated chart, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD.

forex technical intraday article outlook in February still growth higher winning rates.

many investors traders using our fx ranges trading levels forecast, since last year because it's easy to understanding and used by any platform, with a low-risk percentage.

including identify take profit and stop loss, can you find the best position enter point buy or sell.

Also help pro and beginner trader to add more strategies or any trend indicators, moving average or Depth markets Volume, Fibonacci, MACD, a Momentum indicator, support and resistance.

past days I made updates trading prices for gbpusd, gbpjpy, eurusd, with different period times frame/charts analysis Candlestick, one hour and four hours.

so we will study it and learn more important information trades based ranging movement.

Trading Forex GBP USD 

The first gbp/usd news 4 hours wide normal moving inside levels and after we added 1-hour analysis narrow movement.

see the details after the breakout high level by 4 hours candle, the price traded long term and hit first 50 pip swing trading taking a profit.

GBPUSD forex market 24 hours trading by TradingForex24 on TradingView.com

After adds 1hour level next new day within the London session comes hit take profit one that was higher than the first 4hours TP.

As u can see the pullback action was on the top of the broken levels 4h ( get back again a second time with large liquidity and volatility give us another update entry buy position with options to trade scalping or long term gains ).

But the data was Friday end of the week, soon the financial-economic will be close that time

GBPUSD forex range trading by TradingForex24 on TradingView.com

weekly EUR/USD Major pairs Forecast 

like euro dollar traded technical levels was by a false breakout on 1 hour, we lost -40 pip, the price was in 4h broken up a level, our main target was 1h range taking profit, but Unfortunately back to the lows level hit our stop loss.

This reaction typically May it happens, this is the market trends keep change we have specific range trading by broken up/down.

Our plan works in all forex currencies, futures, stocks, commodities like GOLD was posted before by our strategy tools plan. 

weekly forex trading latest review GBP/JPY range currency

pound yen currency results trade was a great work past week, we updating the range with multiply view levels 4 hours and 1 hour.

just open your MetaTrader see the smaller line of broken signal level  1 hour.

best weekly updated swing trading range idea used was useful, make nice 50 pip profit

GBPJPY 4 HOURS RANGE TRADING / 1 HOUR RANGE TARGET by TradingForex24 on TradingView.com

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