GBPUSD Weekly / Daily Trading Forex Range Analysis

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Hi Traders
At the beginning of this month, we will start the day trading analysis with weekly report range movement and day trading basis chart range levels.
To know more about how many pips between weekly and day trading range this month.
By this report will build our daily trading next days and next week.

Our views on currency pairs
GBP JPY will be next.



Trade Day Chart time frame really price now @1.37000 Normal movement is 165 pips between
1.37824 and 1.36160.

If the Price Broking up 1.37824 by Day Candle Close / Open, the target will be.

Tp1 @ 1.38687 ( this week our next )

Tp2 @ 1.40131 ( swing / long term / position )

Tp3 @ 1.41615 ( swing / long term / position )

If the Price Broking Down 1.36160 by Day Candle Close / Open, the target will be.

Tp1 @ 1.35297 ( this week our next )

Tp2 @ 1.33853 ( swing / short term / position)

Tp3 @ 1.32369 ( swing / short term / position)

4hour day trade.

the reaction by price action This week as day trading 4hour time frame candle.
The range will be smaller 80 pips between
1.37395 and 1.36589.

Broken up 1.37395 by 4-hours candle Close / Open, Next Take profit will be.

Tp1 @ 1.37395

Tp2 @ 1.38495

Tp3 @ 1.39231

Broken down 1.36589 by 4-hours candle close/open new candle, next take profit.

Tp1 @ 1.36171

Tp2 @ 1.35489

Tp3 @ 1.34753

weekly - daily trading Forex

Daily Trading 

by our plan rules and risk management is the key to investment on your account.

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