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Weekly Market forex Trading 24

 XAUUSD  As we now xauusd has trade this month and last week on range 290 pip, the highest price @1794.79, The lowest price @1761.60 support area. This our analysis will be with multiple views So as weekly report normal movement this week Between...  @1795.90 resistance and @1770.70 it's open area has no support only @1778.60. Which is the lowest range of movement for today. Today the range will be between @1788.35 and @1778.20 if broken down 1778.20 target will be  TP1  @1773.00 TP2  @1764.40 TP3  @1755.00 if broken up 1788.20 TP1  @ 1793.60 TP2  @ 1802.20 TP3  @ 1811.40 GOLD MOVEMANT FOR TODAY by TradingForex24 on